Deleting one handle creates a zero-length handle

Since 775, if I delete one handle, it gets set to zero, instead of both deleting, is this a deliberate change— I thought GA philosophy was that it would not allow zero length handles?

I cannot reproduce this. Can you describe the precise steps or make a screencast?

Looks like it’s been fixed
EDIT: Problem still happens

It seems to be happening for me, though only occasionally.

Happens to me too, though occasionally and hard to reproduce.

Not even when you Cmd-Z and do it again?

Can you post a screenshot after it happened? That might give me a clue.

Mine may be probably something different and it’s actually a long-standing glitch. It seems to be that Glyphs very occasionally assigns a wrong node type when I add a node in a segment, which disappears after Cmd-Z. It becomes a bit of a pain though when you didn’t notice it happened.

Can you explain that a bit more in detail?

Wait patiently until I come across this again… the last thing I did before this was Correct Path Direction.

I fixed the problem. Thanks.

Is it possible to implement this bug as a feature? :slight_smile: I’m looking for a way to retract the BCPs to zero for multiple nodes. Maybe something like [ctrl+delete] to set the handle to zero instead of deleting it. Or maybe somebody knows a script that can do this. I’ve looked around but I couldn’t find anything. Thanks. m

Why would you need that?

I cannot delete the handles because I loose master compatibility. By setting them to zero I can still interpolate. Also, when I use RMX Scaler to generate SC glyphs it will extract the handles for those zero-lenght BCPs. Moving them back to zero one by one is pretty tedious job. So I’m looking for something to make my job easier. Does it makes sense? Do you know any easier way to do it? Thanks. m

But why do you need curves in on master and line (with zero handles) in the other? That might give you unexpected curves when interpolating.

I have a slight increase in curvature with weight. I have tested the output – the interpolated weight – and Glyphs does a very good job if the handles are set properly for the other weights. I’m not so worried about that.

This it best handled with a script. You can assign a shortcut to the script…

IIRC zero-length handles might give you some rendering errors in some environments.

The current implementation will convert curves with two zero handles into a line.

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