Delta glyph name inconsistency

I have to font files that have a different names for the same encoding key 2206. One is named “Delta” and the other is named “increment”

Its the same thing for Omega and mu

This is covered in the handbook. Cmd-F for “delta” in the pdf.

Thanks! I got it now.

“… will silently reset the Unicode value”. Does this mean that it will do its thing under the hood and we should not concern ourselves beyond the point of creating two glyphs (e.g. Delta and increment) and let Glyphs reset them to what sth.

If you want those glyphs in the first place, that is one way to do it. One can be the component copy of the other.

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Those three glyphs were traditionally (and mistakenly) used as mathematical symbols increment, ohm, and micro by some operating systems. People used to allocate Greek and mathematical code points to a single glyph for some reason, but nowadays it’s nothing but a headache and it’s much more sane to make them separate. Just draw either one of each pair and throw its component at the other.

When you open an old font, you may see that there are two Omega but with different code points and vice versa, and these shouldn’t require manual fixing. There’s nothing under the hood here in my opinion.

I always put both on my fonts.

You only need the ‘Delta, mu …’ if you actually support Greek. Otherwise only add the ‘ohm, increment, micro’. They are exported in a unambiguous way by not using the names.

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