Devanagari Auto-generated feature : cjct

I’m trying to use the automatically generated feature for Devanagari. In the cjct_devanagari_rakar_forms lookup in the cjct table, there are two entries with half-form + rakar => rakar-form (shown marked in image below). I’m not sure if this is correct as it will mean that the string will have [kha ha] halant halant ra. Am I missing something?

As far as I understand this the source string should be ha halant ra halant. After the rkrf feature the string is ha rakar halant and the half feature will produce h rakar as it is ignoring marks (in this case the rakar).

Makes sense :slight_smile:

Will it be possible to get the source string combination that represents the glyphs generated for Devanagari conjuncts? There are three categories: Akhand & Nonlinear, Half conjuncts and Linear Conjuncts.