Devanagari Display Type

Hello everyone,

We are working on a complex/detailed Devanagari display typeface and were wondering what are the maximum amount of nodes allowed in the character-set or per glyph in Glyphs.

If there isn’t a maximum, what is a “safe” number?

Really value your feedback.

You shouldn’t go beyond something like 20000 nodes per glyph. There is not really a hard limit.

If you can avoid curve segments, and only work with line segments, you can have more. If CFF/OTFs fail (especially at printing because they may exceed printer memory), you can try TTF instead.

Make sure you follow the advice in the Complex Outlines tutorial:

Thank you Georg, 20,000 nodes is a lot, hopefully it should be sufficient — since we are working with Indian crafts, the nodes are a lot — like here —

Thank you Mekkablue,

Attached is the letter (as a drawing) so curved elements can’t be avoided, sadly.

Tip: Remove overlaps in your drawings already, so you can export without the Remove Overlap option. That, and the disabled subroutines (see tutorial) will speed up font export significantly.

Thank you Mekkablue, will keep these in mind.

By overlaps, do you mean what is happening here for instance (please see image)? That might be not possible but we can see if we could minimize it.


I mean intersecting outlines. IOW what Filter > Remove Overlap takes care of.

Got it thanks mekkablue!