Devanagari MakeOTF error

When I try to update the features for my Devanagari typeface it shows this error. For context, I wanted the uMatra-deva and uuMatra-deva to show correctly but it now comes as a separate glyph plus I do not understand what the error message says.

It says the feature mentions d-deva but there is no d-deva glyph in the font.

Thank you for the reply. But I couldn’t find any way to solve this issue. I did not find the said glyph either. I am a beginner at this and any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You need to add a d-deva glyph to your font.

Here is how you add glyphs to the font:

There is a handbook and a number of short tutorial videos on the Get Started page. Perhaps you want to take a look at those.

There is no d-deva in the sidebar, or in defaultLanguages.plist. Should it be there?

Shouldn’t it be da-deva instead?

There is a difference between d-deva and da-deva. The former has a halant, the latter does not.

Yes. But this is a bug in Glyphs. It uses d-deva in the automatically generated blws lookup.

d-deva will not take in a matra, da-deva can. I edited this and changed d-deva to da-deva and the features compile successfully. For this reason, I had to disable ‘Gerenate Features Automatically’ for this table.

The problem might be the name of the d_rVocalicMatra. If it would be da_rVocalicMatra, the automatic code would be fine. I’m not at my Mac to check where the d_rVocalicMatra is coming from.

It’ll also be helpful to know the expected form of the glyph. The name d_rVocalicMatra-deva suggests that there is a halant and a vocalic-r attached to da.