Diacritics, anchors and such

I read the manual about the Diacritics, and follow past topics here, but still… i don’t get it.

I have all the letters and the marks, but Glyphs dont place the letters i designed in their Diacritics glyphs, they still seem empty. what to do?
must admit it’s really confusing, your tutorial tell a different story. I still dont get how to use the anchors too… they also seem not to work.

thank you


The diacritic system in Glyphs uses the combining marks e.g. acutecomb gravecomb etc. An easy way to add anchors to your alphas is to select the base set, as well as your combining mark glyphs and press Command + Option + u to add applicable anchors to your glyphs. Once you have the combining marks and the alphas with anchors you can add your diacritic glyphs to your char. set (Command + Shift + G) and they will auto generate. If you already added the slots to your char. set you can select your empty diacritics and Make Component Glyph via Command + Option + Shift + C Hope that’s helpful!

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Please help me help you. Which part of the tutorial do you not get? I might be able to rephrase it in a way that is clearer for readers.

If the compounds are empty, you need to rebuild them: Select them and choose Glyph > Make Component Glyph (Cmd-Opt-Shift-C), then Glyphs will try to rebuild the glyph from components.

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thank you

mainly for me the confusion was that the tutorial shows a case that the diacritics add the components in an automate way,
but as it was for me, i needed to use what you just metioned [quote=“mekkablue, post:3, topic:8099”]
Glyph > Make Component Glyph (Cmd-Opt-Shift-C)
[/quote] in order to get it right.

and still… i don’t get the anchors yet, i’m sure that with a little bit of try-outs with the options i’ll get it eventually.
the thing is, i press Cmd+u, to add anchors to the marks, which works fine, the anchors showed up, but i don’t get how to use them.

What do you not get? Perhaps reread the Diacritics tutorial carefully. (fixed link)

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you’re right, the information is all there, it just a lot of information all together, needs to be read carfully as you said.

thank you once again guys …