Diacritics in Arabic and Kerning


Somehow the kerning does not work in waw when we add a fatha.
On top the correct kerning and on the bottom the kerning does not apply.

Any ideas what is causing it?

The Kerning would need to have an IgnoreMarks flag. Which app version are you using, and how did you implement Kerning?

I am using the version 2.4 of Glyphs.

I applied as well as I would do in the latin but from right to left.

Can you try the latest version (that is 2.4.4)?

And make sure your Edit View is in RTL mode.

I tried with the new version but I still have the same problem! any suggestion?

Where are you testing the kerning?


I wonder whether Glyphs is compiling the mark feature with any language tags? Even until recently (v 1114) I found that the mark feature would not activate if text was tagged as Burmese, implying there’s still some iffy behaviour with script/language tags. EDIT I mean that could also apply to the kern feature, which is auto-generated like the mark feature, and the script tags are not easily accessible for auto-generated features.