Diacritics not working

my problem is with diacritics. after reading the tutorial. given that i am using a premade font, when i click on the latin wesern european, it does not offer me those accents that are in the tutorial so i cannot use it further.
i need Á É Í Ő Ű etc. so
i duplicated the A, and drew an Á. did with all the letters. i was happy to soon.

my problem is. i cannot name the letters Á É etc, and it does not go in the line next to the A. so i need the Á to be next to A, the É next to E, he Ó next to O in the line. but it doesn allow me rename the new letters and dont put it in order.

Someone maybe could do it for me if i send them the font i want to and send me the done file?

I am a beginner in this and i do not do well with written instructions.

The renaming may be that the Glyphs glyph name for “É” is “Eacute,” for “ñ” is “ntilde,” etc.

Once renamed correctly, if the diacritic letters aren’t positioned next to the base glyph, check under Font Info > Other that “Keep alternates next to base glyph” is checked.

The letters are named Aacute (not Á) Eacute (not É) etc. To create them you will also need to create combining diacritic marks (see the tutorial) - acutecomb hungarumlautcomb etc. and add anchors to both the marks and the base glyphs.

If it is “too much” for you, i’d suggest contacting the designer who created the font and ask him/her to add diacritics to the font for you.

As far as I know this has nothing to do with where diacritics are in the font view.
The only thing that would prevent diacritics being place after the base glyph would be glyphsOrder parameter or wrong unicode. If this font is being made from .otf, the “glyphsOrder” is 100% there.

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Try the video. It has been done with Glyphs 2, but it should still work in Glyphs 3. And maybe the written tutorial makes more sense afterwards.