Diacritics problem in tildecomb and circumflexcomb

Hi everyone.

I created the diacritics following the tutorial. I have tildecomb, circumflexcomb, tilde and circumflex.

But, when I exported the font, none of these worked (neither their combinations â, ê, õ, etc…).

In Glyphs, when I pressed alt + shift + n to preview the tilde, it appeared as “space”. Same for the circumflex.

Anyway, I fixed this by creating the asciitilde and asciicircumflex. Is this a step It should be considered in advance, or am I doing something wrong?


Please read the Diacritics tutorial. All your questions are answered and explained there:

Pay special attention to the ‘Legacy Marks’ section.

Thank you @mekkablue

But, what I am trying to say is that I get space coloured placeholder glyph when I’m typing tilde or circumflex. It works OK with the other diacritics.