Did remove overlap stop working?

Is it me, or did Remove Overlap stop working?

Nothing happens when I do this.

Can confirm that when the path directions are opposite then remove overlap does nothing.

Surely this should work? @GeorgSeifert @mekkablue

I’ll have a look.

I have fixed that.

This is fixed for the Path operations in the transform panel. The Remove Overlap filter still uses the old Adobe code and I can’t fix it.

Hi. I’ve just found this after months of this driving me up the wall. Is it still the case that the menu item can’t be fixed? Or can this be fixed for Glyphs 3? Thanks.

the example in the first post has a unusual path direction for the top shape. What do you expect should happen?

I’ll post a video next time this happens. The transform panel is working fine though, it is only the menu item.