Different baselines for UC and LC

I’m developing a typeface that is designed by a different person. In their design, their uppercase baseline is much lower than the lowercase baseline (and as much as possible they do not want major changes to the design).

Will I possibly encounter a problem in the future if I use the lowercase baseline for the metrics and just treat the uppercase baseline as an overshoot?

That is the way I would do it.

You can add another baseline with a filter for “case == Uppercase”:

This will look like this:

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Thank you! Is it correct to assume that it would be okay for this specific uppercase baseline to have a negative value?


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Am I right to assume those additional metrics don’t export and only live inside Glyphs? Curious if there are any consequences for the font alignment in apps/web.

Those extra metrics are not exported.

There are plans to export some of them in the future, e.g. in a BASE table.

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Thanks, this is very helpful!