Different line-height with the same mastervalues

actually I have a strange problem.
I have created a normal font-style from a regular style and copied the values from the regular master to the normal master. But I have a different line-height on both styles.
What can also be the reason of that?


Where do you see the different Who did you test this?

Hello Georg,
I see the difference in keynote. I tried it also in InDesign after your question and I had no problems.
So I deleted the System-Font-Cache but it doesn’t solve the problem in Keynote.
So I tried it also in Word. Here I have the problem if I use the single line-height and not the specified one.
Keynote have also the same kind of line-height using.
So what does this single or 1.5 matter for me, for setting the font in a right reacting way?


See the vertical metrics tutorial.

yes this I have read twice up and down. This wasteland of text is really hard to read :smile: .
But can you specifiy which part in the text could solve my problem?
The biggest mystery for me is that the regular fontstyle is displayed perfect but the normal is not but with the same master settings.

If you want to understand vertical metrics, I cannot spare you from the whole text, sorry. It’s not that long, really. Which measurement is used depends on the (versions of the) apps in use and the settings you have in those apps. Keynote also has different ways of accessing the information inside the font. Some apps (Illustrator in a certain setting) even measure the glyphs.

Start with the webfont strategy and then refine.

can it be that Glyphs delete some fontinformation?
If I open the reguler.ttf, which have the right fontmetrics, and export it from Glyphs it get also the line-height problem. Also must Glyph something change on my fonts, or?