Different number of nodes in ttf

I have two glyphs with different weights (Bold and DemiBold), which have exactly the same nodes.
But curved segments become different in ttf:

1-6 v 1-8 and 18-23 v 20-27
Is it possible to save all points after converting to ttf?

Curves are described very differently in TTF, so in the conversion, there will likely be more (in rare cases even fewer) points than in the CFF. Why do you want to ‘save’ PS nodes? And what do you mean by ‘saving’ PS nodes in the first place?

Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I don’t want to save PS nodes, I want the nodes to match after converting to ttf.
It doesn’t matter if there are more or less of them, it is necessary that they coincide in order and amount (as for variable font).

Now things are like this:
I have two identical fonts differing only in weight, but after converting to ttf same glyphs with curves have a different number of points (like on the picture: Bold 36 points, DemiBold 32 points), which is unacceptable for my purpose.

What kind of purpose is this? Your font will look noticeably different.

If you really need that, you can write a script for making your own TT conversion.

I have a ready manual ttf-hinting for one weight, not made in Glyphs, which I want to import into other weights, making minor adjustments.

So there is no simple way to do equivalent TT curve-conversion?

You can import the TT Font. But seriously, just for one round of TT hints? And what about the other weights? Consider redoing the hinting for the first master with the TT Instructor (I), and you have hinting for all weights.

That’s the point. TT converts curved segments of glyphs chaotically in different weights.If all glyphs were the same after TT conversion, then I could just import the hinting from one weight to another.

What do you mean by “first master”?
I have 9 different weights (not variable font) and I will hint one of them in Glyphs. How can I transfer hinting to other weights?

If you put them all in one .glyphs file and make it compatible, then the TrueType instructions are used for all masters.

Ok. I will try it.