Different paths between regular and bold

Is it possible to define a regular outline that differs from the bold outline by more than just point coordinates? In short I want to have a stroke outline font for regular and remove the inner outline on bold so rather than a stroke you get a solid fill. The effect would be like having the following:

regular -> ▷ -> bold -> :arrow_forward:

Does the underlying TTF/OTF spec allow this? Can Glyphs do this? When I try to have two masters with different outline point counts, the glyph export fails.

Are you interpolating weights between the two, or are your instances just identical to your masters?

You can do that using this: http://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/alternating-glyph-shapes

Excellent! Thank you.

Wups! Spoke too soon. Followed the instructions in the link, but can’t seem to get the fonts to trigger the alternate view on bold in a web font. In Firefox I get the console error:

downloadable font: GSUB: Bad offset in table header, table discarded (font-family: “X” style:normal weight:normal stretch:normal src index:0)
source: file:///Users/mcelam/Pictures/fonts/X.otf

Error occurs whether it’s exported as an OTF or TTF. The font loads and displays the first set of layers but never the second set.

Sounds like a font caching problem. Because, even if the Bracket layer is incompatible, it would still export as an empty glyph, and that would not mess up the GSUB table.


Can you send me the .otf files (to support at this domain)?