Different version of character at end of sentence

Hey y’all, is there a way to apply a feature like .fina to a sentence? So when the sentence instead of a word ends (or a new line begins), a different version of the character appears?


A simple Sub should do what you want. Last character followed by any punctuation (or other character you choose) would trigger subbing the .fina glyph.

Thank you George! I followed your advice and tried to write a sub and it does work for some applications. Is there a way to actually trigger it with a return key?

What applications does it not work in? Most do support simple subs.

As to the return key, I have not tried that. Georg or Rainer will know.

You can only contextually substitute a glyph in the presence or absence of another glyph. Since the end of a line is not a glyph, you could only do it with an ignore sub statement. Please read the Positional Alternates tutorial.

Mainly After Effects because After Effects’ text tool is stuck in the 90s for some reason. The new CC2018 can access the ligature feature only. I will try the ignore sub statement as Rainer wrote and will let you know the outcome. Thanks guys!