Differrent kind of nodes

Hello there,

I just opened an otf-file and the nodes look different than usual (somehow connected).
How can I convert them into regular ones?


This are TrueType outlines.

Thought so. Can I convert them?

When you run this in the macro panel:
Glyphs.boolDefaults["ImportTrueTypeOutlines"] = True
there will be a new menu item in the Paths Menu > Other > Convert to Cubic.

I forgot to always show that.

Excellent, thx!

Oops, too early. This causes a crash.

Also in the latest beta?

Yes. I can access the command but as soon as I click it, Glyphs crashes.

I need it converted because I have to boldify the letters ( the results with the truetype outlines are less than acceptable).
Problem is: I have a deadline

Wow, since when does Glyphs suport TT curves? That’s awesome. Even works with interpolation!

How can I do the opposite, i.e. convert to quadratic (TT) curves? Sometimes I’d even like to work with both types of curves in one Glyph, btw.

Currently there is no UI, but one line of script in the macro window can do it. This converts all masters.

Layer.parent.convertToCompatibleTrueTypeWithError_error_(0.6, None)

and if you open a TrueType font that has instructions, it will store them all and keep them on export. You can’t easily edit them.