Difficulty with tabs

Is there a way we could make the tabs and content more navigable? It’s a frequent occurrence for me to have so many tabs open that it becomes difficult to find a particular one I need without closing a bunch. Couple of ideas:

– You can drag the carousel of tabs to be able to see more of them.
– There’s a >view>tabs section with the abridged text content (or a more tabs icon)

Just a thought.

I generally advise against opening too many tabs in the first place. Surely you don’t need that many or you can easily open a similar tab in the future, right? Having said that, it would be nice to be able to scroll the tabs horizontally like you can in Safari.
Also, I can think of a solution to reduce the number of tabs. How about a script that closes all the small-content tabs (tabs with up to 3 glyphs for example)?

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It’s true that I generally shouldn’t let it get to that state in the first place but it’s often the product of a rapid work-flow. I know I should be cleaner but sometimes the dishes pile up. In a chrome/safari-like situation you can filter through and close what you no longer need.

The script is a really good idea though - thanks.

Okay, added a new script for you! You can close tabs with certain number of glyphs or fewer, or all.
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Holy moly Tosche! I went for a run, thought about making a script and by the time I came back you’d done it!

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This is awesome @Tosche ! I often find myself with a gazillion tabs open to edit a single glyph but want to keep open the ones with test texts.

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