Digital signature

Some fonts that were done with FLS5 in the past contain “digital signature” (must have been a leftover from FLS) - you can only see it in Windows- properties.
The customer doesn’t like that and wants it removed. How can I do that with Glyphs?

Something like that is best done with a low level font tool like fonttools/TTX or OTMaster.

You could just open and re-export the font in Glyphs. But the decomposition is not 100% possible and thous you might lose some details.

Thanks, I exported from FLS5, opened and saved with Glyphs. Exported as TTF - the digital signature is still visible in Windows…

Glyphs will write an empty signature, otherwise OpenType features will not work in Office.

Thanks, so can I ignore the digital signature in this web fonts? Will it work like any other font in that family that doesn’t have a digital signature?

Yes. Most other apps simply ignore it.

Thanks - I’ve sent it to the customer with your comment.