Digitally signed file?

Is there something about signed/unsigned font files? I have a client that they cannot use a font in an app saying that the font might be digitally signed. This could be something Glyphs related?

I don’t thing that Glyphs can help with that. Can you be more specific about what kind of app they are making?

Just linking in this other discussion in case it’s of any relevance:

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Go into OTMaster and remove the (empty) DSIG table. But the font will probably stop working properly in Windows after that. So, that would be at the customer’s risk. We will not be able to help you getting fonts without DSIG to work as expected in Windows.

Yes, I tried OTMaster demo and I figured. Is possible that TTF would not include the DSIG table?

I would not do that because a missing DSIG breaks the font in Word. If you know what you’re doing, you can do it with OTMaster or FontTools.

Why does the client not want the DSIG table, and what is exactly the problem with it?

It was an issue with their propietary engine they are using for desktop games. It seems they fixed the problem by their side.