Dimensions panel (palette)

Having trouble understanding what the Dimensions palette does. I didn’t see any reference to the panel in the guide.

I can double click on one of the reference areas on the panel and enter a number but I don’t know why, or what, I’m entering.

Can you shed some light on it’s use and function.

As well, a minor point, it’s a little small for my old eyes. 58+

It is just to put in some values for you to remember the basic dimensions of you glyphs.

Thank you.

Anyway to make it bigger? Maybe a user suggestion for the future.

The size of certain elements of the user interface is indeed quite small. But I try to use the screen real estate economically. So some people have low vision and others have small screens. And I have to decide whom to please.

Would it be possible to allow the palette to scale? On my 13" display its ok; but when I switch to my 27" display it is too small (and I have perfect eyesight). Economy on a small display is good, but less relevant on larger displays.

Whilst on the subject of the palette, in normal use I would rather have it as a drawer, and when switching to (Lion) full screen mode as a docked panel.


Is that it? A larger screen? I’m working on a 27" myself. I thought it was my eyes. I kind of forgot that my eyes are corrected to slightly better than 20/20. I guess it’s my memory that’s weak not my eyes.

A bug? Any value I enter will disappear after change to another tab …

Is that it? A larger screen? I’m working on a 27" myself.

It’s high the resolution of the screen making text too small. OS X font sizes are not resolution independent, so your expensive 27" screen is pretty much a liability until Apple follows Microsoft’s lead and brings this 1990s technology to OS X.

I solve this problem by sticking with 1920x1080 screens. They’re cheap, too.

No it isn’t! It is a Apple Cinema Display 20". I can read the value pretty well by typing but as described before it will disappear.

If you are running Snow Leopard (10.6), you can use this trick in Terminal to scale the UI:
defaults write com.GeorgSeifert.Glyphs AppleDisplayScaleFactor 1.25
Reset it back to normal with:
defaults write com.GeorgSeifert.Glyphs AppleDisplayScaleFactor 1
This trick is no longer available in Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8).

I cannot reproduce this. Two questions: Which version of Glyphs and OS X are you running? Can you describe the steps that lead to the bug?

Maybe it is me or I did not unterstand “Dimensions” right.

I am running latest OS X 10.8.2 and Glyhps (Trial) which is 1.3.15 (412).

I am working on two fonts (one pixelfont with grid to 50 and one lets say handwritten with grid to 1) on both the same bug/my fault.

If I just understand it right I can enter just every value I want correct? So type “14” whilst woking on letter “a”. It works “14”. Now I click on the tab for letter “b” and (magic) my value (14) disappears …

I think I can reproduce it now. When you enter a value, do not forget to tab out of the value again or hit the return key, so the panel can actually acknowledge your entry.

Does that make a difference?

No does not work for me.

Can you send me one of your .glyphs files where this happens? mekka at my username dot com.

That is really kind of you but as I said before this happens with every old and also new created font (from the beginning).

The values in the Dimension section are specific to the layer. Can you watch the Layers section of the Panel while it happens? There must be a current glyph (glyph name in the info panel) with the same layer/master (e.g. “Regular”) selected.

How do you create that tab? I have the same set-up as you and it doesn't happen to me. But maybe there is an extra factor in play. I might be able to trace it in a file that was created in your set-up. You could just do Cmd-N, enter the dimension, save it, and send me that file.

Hi I hope this thing was solved, I have the same weird problem:
I type in the dimensions, hit enter, and as soon as I click in the main window again they disappear?

Does this happen with all fonts? And what version do you have?

Same like mrcHH (#17). The numbers disappear after I click in the main window. But it dosn’t happen in all fonts. In every test file I just started the problem does not occur. I just happens in the one (first) serious Glyphs project I’m working on.

It happens on two different computers (MacOS 10.6.8/10.8.2). Glyphs version 1.3.15 (413), App Store version.

can you send me the .glyphs file?