Disable autohint for glyphs > not applied in composites

3.0.3 (3078)

I set up the parameter to disable PS autohinting of all the diacritics. Although, they end up hinted in former composites (otf-cff format).

The auto hinting is done on the decomposed outlines.

So for example, if I edit the hinting in the letter A, in the otf-cff fonts with autohinting, Agrave will be hinted differently?

I think I know the answer but… Is there a way to apply the components hints in the composites where they are used, without decomposing everything before export ?

I explain. What I usually do is that I entirely hint the font myself (with autohint postscript applied in the edit view as a base), and then I export without autohinting: and it works as expected in the composites. So obviously, a workaround would be to just do that, without modifying what the “autohint postscript” button suggest.

I guess I am just saying that it would save time to just be able to use the “disable autohint for glyphs” parameter (with proper effect in the decomposed composites) when someone is a bit in a hurry.

But I understand, you ignore this post :wink:

Only glyphs that don’t have hints are auto hinted. In this case, where the A has hints already, when decomposing, the grave will be hinted individually (unless you prevent that with a “Disable autohinting…” parameter).

It feels like a loop.

In Agrave, I only want A hinted, without hinting the font myself before hand, ie with applying autohinting during export.

I added to the font parameters “disable autohing for glyphs” and added “gravecomb.case” in it. But it ended up hinted in Agrave.

Are you suggesting that if I add “Agrave” and “gravecomb.case” to that parameter, then I will get what I want (only A hinted in Agrave)?

The only way to only get the A hinted, is to add the hints to it.

I could try to add a autohinting filter that could be added as a PreFilter. Then it could run before the decomposition and you could add the A.