Disable Automatic Alignment just in X or Y

Is it possible to disable just X or Y component alignment? I need this most the time

This is not possible at the moment. Can you explain what you are trying to do?

For example I want just move left or right dot in arabic glyphs and dot must align top and bottom with other glyph or hamza. this is useful for me

see this:

put link in one of them and calculate auto

But the dots should be positioned by anchors? Or you need to explain with more context what you are doing.

when component is auto align and positioned by anchor user has has ability to unlock it in Just X or Y ! Or can take for example (+30) to edit X or Y value to adjust better position.
in arabic one dot and three dot is difficult to set by one anchor

Why don’t you use multiple anchors with different names, like top and top_threeDots or something? You don’t need free positioning, only limited set of options for each case.

Dot is example. other more things need to adjust

And also I try this before. I think glyph has bug and after export mark did not place in right anchor

Can you send me some examples where you need those adjustments (send it in a private message, if you can’t share it online).
I’m interested in where you put the anchors in the base and mark glyphs.