Disable Automatic Alignment on Base Glyph but Enable on Diacritic

This doesn’t seem possible? But would be extremely handy… i.e. for Eth, the strokeshortcomb.case should stay locked with the anchor, but I want to set the sidebearings either manually or with a link

It should be possible as you describe it, but it seems to be broken in the recent betas.

Any updates here? Thanks

I’ve now had to go over lots of previous work where I thought the components would be locked but have now been displaced… can you please fix this soon?

I have a look tomorrow.

edit: fixed it. This might disturb files for some people. So I added a check that if you open a file in a new version and the new auto alignment will change the position of some components you can choose to keep the old position or not.

Thanks for fixing it Georg, that works really good!!