Disable Master but keep it as a reference

Let’s say I have a medium master, a light one and a bold one. Now I want to get rid of the medium master. Is there a way the deactivate it, but keep it and somehow compare if the interpolation matches this design (and possibly correct the extreme masters to get the medium instance closer to the disabled medium master).

Any suggestions?


You can add a Disable Masters parameter to each instance. It takes a comma separated list of master names.


ok. And to compare the actual instance with the disabled master would be a task for a script I guess…

I usually just take the master out of the interpolation space (i.e if your Light weight = 100, Medium = 200, Bold = 400, then i make Medium = -200) and then generate a Medium Instance and compare the new generated instance with my current Medium Master.

Depends on what kind of comparing you want to do. You can assign backgrounds, or for more in-depth comparisons, you can use MergeGlyphs.

More handy would probably be a live comparision, i.g. show the disabled master on top of the instance in preview panel. Could a script do this?

Use the Show Interpolations plug-in, add its custom parameter to the middle instance, and then switch to the disabled master. Then you get to see a comparison right in Edit view.

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This is fantastic! Danke, danke danke!

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