Disable Masters CP not applied in Variable Font export

While comparing the static and variable output of a font, I noticed that the instances look different. For example, if I select the variable “Compressed Regular” style, the shapes are wider than when I select the “Compressed Regular” style of the static font. They should look the same.

I have been able to trace this back to a custom parameter “Disable Masters” that is set up in the instances. This custom parameter is applied to the static fonts on export, but not to the variable font.

Why is the custom parameter “Disable Masters” only applied to the static font? Is there any way to adjust the output of the variable font to match the output of the static font? I would like to avoid changes in the static styles.

You can’t apply the " Disable Masters" parameter to some of the instances in the variable font.

The only solution I see at the moment to match the variable with the static output is to delete the custom parameter from the instances. This means that I would have to adjust the axis values of the instances (without the custom parameter) to look somewhat like the original (with the custom parameter active). But they will probably never match the original.

Or can you think of something better that doesn’t change the static output?

If the static output uses different masters it is very difficult or impossible to match that.

Mhhhh too bad. This will definitely go on my “nono-list” for variable fonts haha