Disable Masters/Instance naming


I have a project and want to create a subset variable export for only the roman part, as well as one for the italics.

I am using Disable Masters to achieve this. It already works very well, already a huge improvement over the functionality from a few months ago.

Now the only problem is that the italic instances, which are kept in the italic subset, still are called, for example, “Light Italic”, although I have set the variable font family name to Myfont Italic.

It would be very useful to have a custom parameter where I can define a name particle to replace in all instances. Currently, I need to remove " Italic" from all variable style name entries for the italic instances when I export the italic subset, and then add it back again to export the roman + complete variable fonts.


Wouldn’t it be better to disable the italic instances?

I also tried that, yes, but then no instances are exported, since the roman instances are outside of the interpolation space for the italic variable font.

So instead, I set the italic axis location for the roman instances to 0 (and disabled the italic instances), but for some reason, no predefined styles showed up in the exported variable font.