Disable Masters + OTVar Truetype curves export error

I have six masters (three weights, corresponding italics), I want to export a variable font with a subset of those, four. So I add a “Disable Masters” CP in the Font CP, I go to export and I’m presented with this dialog:

If I just disable the italic master:

So the problem is Truetype curves conversion, but I don’t understand how to solve it: all glyphs are compatible and in the same direction. CE 3151

The Disable Masters route is still somewhat bumpy, especially in 3.1. There’s a 3.2 floating around, you’ll need to be added to the testing group. It doesn’t quite work yet in 3.2 either though, so I invite you to test out a script I wrote for this use:

As the warning will say, it’s very experimental and requires some manual interference, but I’d be curious as to what results you achieve. Please let me know how you fare.

Can both of you send me some test files?

Works fine now. Thanks.

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Something for the future, which my script also does: the opposite of “Disable Masters”. Say I want to export a variable font subset but for a space between my masters – for instance only a Semicondensed family when I have only Normal and Condensed masters. Is this thinkable?

That could be a parameter that does something similar like “Instance as master” that interpolates a new master. There is a “Duplicate master” parameter if you need a master in another spot.

Ah great, I didn’t know that, thanks. Does that handle alternate layers well?

Alternate Layers are a bit tricky. To many different possibly configuration. Please try and send me a file if it doesn’t work.

I just saw that the “Duplicate Master” is not in 3.2. Sorry.