Disappearing glyphs

Something very weird is happening: it’s the second time that suddenly a large set of glyphs just vanish out of nothing. It looks like suddenly the Glyphs file goes back to a backed up version of itself and can’t recover the latest glyphs I designed. I’ve just lot about 4 hours of work. Any idea of what might be happening?

Try selecting “All” in the left panel and see if they reappear.

I am working with the ALL filter

Do you have only one Master?

I also tried to revert to former version but I can only see the latest one and I can’t go back :frowning2:

Did you look in the Temp folder in your User folder?

Nope, two. The glyphs vanished in both masters.

Yep. Nothing of value there. Very old files.

I’m out of ideas then. Eric or Georg will have to help.

This seems to be a very rare issue. Did you close the file or did it crash and you had to restart the app? I might have an idea what happened then.

If you have exported the file in the mean time, you might find a .otf file that constrains the exported glyphs. It might give you some of the data back. Other than that, you are out of luck.

I didn’t close the file nor had a crash. A large set of glyphs just vanished and the file reverted to an old version. Suddenly glyphs that I’ve already deleted were there, so the file obviously reverted to an old version.
It’s the second time that this happen to be. Last time it was a number of diacritics and I assumed that I have inadvertently deleted them but now it’s very obvious what happened :confused:

Sadly I didn’t have versions activated. Now I’ve done it so I hope I will be able to recover the original file in the future.