Discretionary Ligatures for dialects


I would like to activate ligatures only for some languages. For example, in some European dialects there are specific ligatures valid only for that languages and therefore, I wonder if there was a way to activate them only in some cases.


It would work similar to this: https://glyphsapp.com/tutorials/localize-your-font-catalan-punt-volat

Thanks, does it works also for gallic too? ‘WEL’ right?
for example C_H.loclWEL

For ligatures you might need to write the feature code yourself.
In the liga (or rlig, ccmp) try something like this:

lookup welsh {
    script latn;
    language WEL;
    sub C H by C_H;

Typed in the browser, not on my Mac right now

Thanks Georg,

i did this:

lookup welsh {
    script latn;
    language WEL;
	sub C H by C_H.loclWEL;
	sub D D by D_D.loclWEL;
	sub F F by F_F.loclWEL;
	sub L L by L_L.loclWEL;
	sub N G by N_G.loclWEL;
	sub P H by P_H.loclWEL;
	sub R H by R_H.loclWEL;
	sub T H by T_H.loclWEL;

or is better without .locWEL?

The suffix doesn’t matter when you write the code yourself.


But it doesn’t work with contextual alternatives (calt). Is there a way to make it work even in combination with contextual alternatives?


What do do you mean with ‘it doesn’t work’? It should. Can you post your code?