Discretionary ligatures not working in Stylistic Alternates

Dear all,

I have three J’s in the letters J ,J.01 and J.02.
And, I have three ligatures IJ ,IJ.01 and IJ.02.

Therefore, I want to substitute…
I J → IJ
I J.01 → IJ.01
I J.02 → IJ.02

But I could only substitute to IJ.


sub I J by IJ;
sub I J.01 by IJ.01;
sub I J.02 by IJ.02;


sub  J from [J.01 J.02];
sub IJ from [IJ.01 IJ.02];

What am I doing wrong?


Tr y putting the salt before the dlig.

Well, that was a blind spot. It’s currently working well.