Display Error in Illustrator

Hello everyone,

I currently tested a new typeface and got a display error on Illustrator at 48pt with 150-200% zoom, on a second mac it works fine, even in extreme zoom with 6400%
See top of P,D and transition on the bottom of the E.

Ever happened to someone else? May it be just a problem of Illustrator, not the font itself?


Thanks ahead for your time

yes! just change ‘set first point’ to somewhere less obvious. for instance, the corner underneath the bowl of the P…

Variable font? If so, which version of AI?

hey a70 and mekkablue,

the first points were actually on that position on top. Thanks for the advice, I wasn’t aware this can mean problems. Also found the plugin of LucasFonts to optimize start nodes.

No Variable font, the problem was probably just a display error… I’m sorry.

Thanks for your time!