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Hi. I’ve given the forum a good search and although there seem to be some similar questions and answer, I couldn’t find a solution, hence this post… I’m making a display (caps only) typeface. I’d like all lowercase key strokes to type the same characters as the upper case. The caps, numbers and some basic punctuation are complete, and at the moment my lowercase latin characters are all empty. Can I simply assign the lowercase to the existing uppercase characters? I am using Glyphs Mini (I’ve only had it a few days) and command-shift-g doesn’t seem to do anything (doesn’t seem to open any dialogue). When I ctrl-click on the lefthand list i do get a ‘generate’ glyphs box with all the characters not yet included in the face, but no apparent way to adjust that list or make a=A, b=B etc. Any help much appreciated, thanks!
EDIT – so it seems to do this automatically… even though my lowercase remain ‘empty’… i’d delete this post, but I can’t see how to do that either…

Hi Adam,

The way to do it is to make lowercase, but make them look identical. The most intuitive way would be to simply copy & paste the paths to respective lowercase letters, and give them the same sidebearings. You can use the metric key trick to make sure they are the same.
(Read especially the “Side-bearing arithmetics” section)

Problem with copying outlines is that, when you make changes to uppercase, they need to be manually pasted to lowercase again. It is therefore better to use components; component is a graphical reference to another glyph (kinda like alias), but will be converted to normal outlines at font export. I don’t know if it’s possible in Mini, but you might have Glyphs > Add Component command (shift+command+C). For example, open lowercase a, open Add Component dialogue, and type ‘A’. Select the A and you have a component!

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thanks tosche!