Display LRM, RLM, ZWNJ, ZWJ glyphs

It is possible display LRM, RLM, ZWNJ, ZWJ glyphs? I tried Unifont and Lastresort. Thx!

How do you want to display these glyphs? In the font and edit views, they work just like any other glyphs.

I am not sure if removing those glyphs is a good idea; if already present in the font, that’s probably for a good reason. In Mongolian for example, ZWJ and ZWNJ are absolutely necessary to make the fonts function.

Some fonts have outlines in those glyphs but the text layout engine is never showing it. So you would need some low level functions to display them. But those are not available in the browser. You might be able to use some JavaScript OpenType engine.

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Hi!, I am trying to display those glyphs in web, but seems keep invisible after all.

For separator characters, apps do not always refer to the glyph inside the font, but make their own thing.