Display reflecting Layer.vertOrigin is incorrect

There are two incorrect displays with Layer.vertOrigin set.

  1. The default vertWidth when vertOrigin is a positive value.
    Do not change the default vertWidth. H in the figure is incorrect and 1000 is correct. Everything else is correct.


  1. Position of the body frame when vertOrigin is a negative value.
    The top position of the body frame is incorrect. Everything else is correct.


2.6.2 (1240)
This is not fixed yet. This bug occurs only in the display of metric ruled lines.

Thanks for the reminder. I greatly improved this.

And I changed the info box:

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Great! This is ideal. Thank you!

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vertOrigin was mostly fixed. The new input is also great.

There is one thing that hasn’t been fixed. If both vertOrigin and vpal are applied, the Edit View will not display correctly.
Please watch this movie.

Can you send me a sample file?

I sent an e-mail.

Additional information. In the calculation to change Layer.vertOrigin to vmtx.vertOriginY, if vpal exists, plus and minus seem to be reversed.

Can you send me a sample document (e.g.: indesign or html) that shows the problem that I can test the issue?

I sent an e-mail.

Thanks for the file. I could fix this.

The exported font has been fixed. Thank you very much.
However, the edit view display was not fixed. If this is fixed, it is perfect.



  • Improved calculating of vpal feature with custom vertOrigin

The edit view display was not Improved.
I’m really looking forward to fixing this.