Do all glyphs drop their hyphens on export?


I am assuming I am missing something or have an improper setup, but when I generate a font from a .glyphs source using fontmake, a number of my glyphs retain their hyphenated name: 'brevecomb-cy', 'hook-cy', 'descender-cy', 'tail-cy'

In my understanding based on previous discussions on the forum, this is bad or illegal, and these should be converted to production names, or at least names without hyphens

I have included these only because Glyphs App can use them in constructing certain composite glyphs. I am unsure what the production names of these would even be if they were to be converted or what the standard practice is when working with these glyphs.

If a glyph doesn’t has a production name, at last resort, all hyphens are removed. So this is a bug in fontmake.

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That makes sense, thanks!