Do anchors in cap components not work?

I am trying to add an anchor for ogonek to a cap component, but it seems to have no effect. Should it work or is this not implemented?

Does nobody ever wanted to use an anchor in a cap component?

I am not sure I understand your intension. Do you want to add anchors like top and bottom inside of cap components so that the anchors don’t have to be added to the layers in which the components are used?

Exactly. I want to use them for swashes at the end of serifs or soft endings, which are cap components.
So this is not possible?

Cap components are not well suited for such anchors. For example, an H might have the same top-cap on both stems and neither of those positions is where you would want the top anchor to be.

So I am not sure that you would save much work if this was implemented. In fact, it could easily lead to incorrect anchors. But maybe it’s a good fit for your specific projects. If you can share more about how you use cap components (also as a private message), then there might be a different way or a script to solve the same problem.