"document can not be opened"


I try to open a .glyphs file, but glyphs says to me in french “le document xxx.glyphs n’a pas pu être ouvert” (document xxx.glyphs can not be opened). Recently, I was trying to do some stylistic sets, perhaps did I something wrong in my file? How can I fix it if I can’t open the file?

Thank you,


Can you open it in a text editor?
Which version of Glyphs?

@mekkablue Yes, I can open it with TextEdit, and my version is Glyphs 2.3

Perhaps try the latest cutting edge version, see Preferences > Updates > Cutting Edge Versions.

Can you send me the file? Send a download link via DM or per email at ‘support’ at this domain.

Hi, thank you, I sent you the file by email

The font opens fine in the latest citing edge version. So I have fixed the problem already. You can get it by activating it in Preferences > Updates.

@GeorgSeifert I downloaded the last version (2.3.1), but It still don’t work… Perhaps am I doing something wrong?

My Partner can also open it, we will try to save as, thank you for your time

It works! :slight_smile: