Document could not be opened

Glyphs 1.3.7 could not open a document. I was working on it yesterday with the latest version provided for my old powerbook (1.2.2, I guess) and wanted to proceed working on my OS X Lion Mac in the office.

The following dialogue box appears:
“The document “barack_bold_outline.glyphs” could not be opened. The file is corrupted. You can try to fix it in a text editor.”

Of course I have no idea which part of the code is wrong. Does somebody know the problem and the solution?


Can you send me the file? I can have a look at it.

Thank you, I have sent you an email with the file.
The last things I did yesterday: Adding new (empty) glyphs at the end of the character list: star, pistol, mobile_phone, radioactive_sign, peacesymbol.
Maybe I was wrong with the Unicodes?
It is the first time I have problems with migrating files between 1.2.2 and 1.3.7.
I hope it will still open in Glyphs 1.2.2. I will try that later at home.

I had a look at the files and the problem were the unicode values. You should write only the hex value.

I will add a validation.