Does anyone use Astropad or Duet Display with Glyphs?

Does anyone use Astropad or Duet Display with Glyphs? What’s your experience with it? I suppose that drawing would be a nightmare without a keyboard (at least for me), but maybe would be practical to do another tasks (from the sofa or the bed :smiley: ).


I think @MarkSimonson does. But be patient, he is traveling at the moment AFAIK.

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Thanks @mekkablue! Of course, I can wait :wink:

And @Tosche used it to draw with a stylus (with a custom plugin).

I have Astropad and an iPad Pro. I experimented with using it with Glyphs, but I didn’t find it to be very helpful. I think the normal Bézier curve UI in apps like Glyphs is more suited to manipulation with a mouse or trackpad (with keyboard), at least for me. Maybe it takes time to get used to, but if feels awkward to me to manipulate Bézier paths with a stylus, even the Apple Pencil. Then again, I’ve never found graphics tablets to be that useful for vector apps either. Could just be me.

One other thing about Astropad: You do see some brief low-res pixelation in the areas you are actively working in. More so over wifi than USB, and depending on the speed of your Mac and/or iPad. This kind of spoils the illusion that you are manipulating things directly on the screen that you get with native iPad apps.

Thanks all!

That’s what I suspected. I can’t live without a keyboard+trackpad for manipulate beziers, but I hoped that maybe would be good for another tasks (spacing, handle the font info or make scripts…) far from the big screen & more comfortable.

It dosn’t seem to be a good idea finally, especially if I consider that the low-res could wreck the experience.

And again, thanks for yours answers!

I purchased Astropad because I wanted to develop a plugin lets me draw like a normal pen. My colleague Malou shows the demo of the plugin I and Georg made, using Astropad (around 18:10).

Unless you have a reason like that, I do not find pen tablets particularly useful. Any pen-shaped input device is good for easing arm pain though, but tablet pens feel less accurate.


Thanks for your answer @Tosche!

That plugin looks great! but at the moment, I left the idea. I will use the iPad to sketch with Procreate and Affinity Designer. I have been using AD to vectorize (with the fingers, not pencil) a few letterings and it’s fun but not precise and I use Glyphs for fix the handles.

Maybe I will change of think in the future, but at this moment I need the keyboard and the trackpad if I want to be efficient.

Thanks again! (and a big hug for Malou, he was one of my favourites teachers at Type@Paris)

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