Does the greek letter sigma need any OpenType feature?

Hello !
I’m adding Greek support to an existing font and I was wondering how the final form of the small letter sigma is usually implemented.

I of course considered using the OpenType feature for final forms but I’ve never seen that anywhere and I thought maybe there was a better way.


I think hat the user has to type the final sigma. I never saw a OpenType solution for that.

Ok, so you wouldn’t do anything?


Alright thank you very much.
A+ response time by the way :wink:

Note that it has to look the same in capitals. When you make a small cap or all cap typeface, you need to duplicate Sigma glyph to be used as final signa.

Oh wow didn’t thought of that.
I guess I call it “Sigma1”? And why is it not in Unicode? That’s really weird.

The final sigma is in Unicode as uni03C2 (sigmafinal in Glyphs).

You don’t need a upper case Sigma final. Only a small cap.

Ok that’s what I thought thanks again :smiley:

Shouldn’t you have to preserve plain text information?