Doesn't appear "new from glyph sets" screen when I run Glyphs 3

It was always on the screen when it first ran, but now it doesn’t.

When the list of files I recently opened appeared, I canceled the New from glyph sets check, and it doesn’t seem to appear anymore.

How do I solve it?

File > New from Glyph Sets

Yeah I know. But I want to see it as soon as I run the app.

I solve it.
I deleted all the files related to Glyphs, deleted the license, and applied the license again, and it was resolved.

The problem is that if I cancel that check, I can’t make it appear anymore. I would like to be given the function to check again in the preferences.

Window > Start Window and check the box.

Oh! There was this function. Thank you for your kind reply. From now on, I will study hard by myself and post questions.