Dot accent problem

Hi there,
I’m working on a serif font. When I export it as an .otf there’s no problem, but when I export it as a variable font, both the dotaccent & dotbelow.accent are misplaced (lower & also a bit smaller than they should be).
This is only with the bolder versions, and only with all lower case letters; all other marks seem to be just fine.
Could it be I’m doing something wrong, or is it just generated incorrectly because of the beta-version?

It might be that the variation of the dot is not working? Is it the same as it the lighter master?

  • Which exact version of the macOS are you using?
  • Which exact version of Glyphs app?
  • In which app are you testing? If in Adobe apps, which version?

I’m using the latest Glyphs Version 2.6.5
Running on macOS Mojave 10.14.6
Testing in Adobe Illustrator 24.1.2

I made a quick video to explain the problem:

  • Glyphs version: Try the latest beta please. Go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, activate both checkboxes and press the Update button.
  • Illustrator: Try updating to the most recent version 24.2.3 or use a browser for testing instead.
  • The j descender: is the j glyph a composite (jdotless + dotaccentcomb)? You may need to replicate the bracket layers of jdotless in j and decompose them. There is a section in the Variable Font tutorial about this.
  • The dotbelowcomb problem: make sure the dotbelowcomb shape is a path and not a nested component, and has at least a _bottom anchor.