Downloading Glyphs on a new computer

Hello! I’ve been trying to get help, but I’m not sure where to go. The support [EDIT please do not post clear email addresses here] email is not working for me. I purchased Glyphs 3 last year, and I just downloaded it for my new machine, but I have no way to enter my registration/license. How can I get a new download link?

Do you still have the license file you got when you purchased Glyphs 3? The file extension is .glyphs3license. You simply open that file and Glyphs 3 will register it.

Thanks for the suggestion; the file sends me to a 404 not found page though.

Then send an email to office at this domain to get a new link.

In what way does the support email not work for you?

Oh, when I tried to send an email to the address, it would send me back a “could not deliver” message. I tried sending through two different email providers, but only the “office” email worked for me.

Can you forward the message to me please? Best in a DM.

Sure thing, but I don’t think I have the ability to DM yet—I can’t find the envelope icon. Can I send it to you another way?

Click on my icon