Draw shape in selected glyphs

Hello everybody,
I am currently working on a color font and I am looking for a method (script, plugin, macros, etc.) allowing me to draw a rectangle for a set of selected glyphs, having a definite and fixed height (1500 height units) and a width variable equal to the width of each selected glyph. What do you think is the most reliable and effective method to achieve this result? Thank you for your attention,


there was this thread recently about adding a component:

hope it helps as a starting point

There are a few plugins in Window > Plug-in Manager that insert boxes in glyphs: Disguiser, Inverter, Make Boxes, perhaps there are more.

And a mekkablue script called Fill with Rectangles.

Or write a quick Python script.

Thanks a lot for you answer!
From your indications, I went to look at the plugins of Glyphs and I found a solution using the inverter plugin from Mekkablue. It is a very good solution. The height of the rectangle can be defined manually and the width adapts to the width of the selected glyphs (taking into account the metrics). It’s perfect!
Thank you again for your quickness!

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Thank you for your answer Mekkablue, I did find a solution using your inverter plugin!
It’s perfect.

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