Drawbot in Glyphs

Hi everyone.

While trying to establish a proof document of a typeface that has changes in width and weight I thought about using Drawbot inside Glyphs so that I could access the current file but apparently it didn’t work. Does someone have experience in doing some work with Drawbot inside Glyphs using the opened file?

Thanks a lot again to anyone that would spend time answering this.

What did you try that didn’t work?

Usually you’ll get a log printed in either the Macro Panel or in DrawBot’s console. I didn’t use DrawBot in Glyphs recently, but I recall that you might want to import Glyphs. I think it was something like from GlyphsApp import * … just from (bad) memory. You can also search the forum for this.

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Do you use the Drawbot plugin?

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That’s it. I was importing Glyphs with the wrong module name so Drawbot was printing an unexisting module. Thank you so much again, Mark!

I’m trying to do not very complex stuff with it but enough that will save me some time preparing test prints.

I think Georg was just wondering if you use the correct DrawBot which is intended to be used inside of Glyphs. It’s perfectly fine to use it, even for very complex stuff. Go ahead!

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Ah, sorry! Yes, yes. @GeorgSeifert I’m using it in order to work with my opened files. I don’t know if I have some hidden bar but I cannot comment/uncomment or indent/dedent blocks. Have you had the same problem?

Thanks a lot again.

It is commenting and indenting just fine for me. Uncommenting is not working. How did you run the comments?

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Sorry, indenting and dedenting blocks are working fine. It’s comment/uncomment what seems not to be working.

How did you run the comments?

I don’t fully understand the question but I just wrote comments with a # in the begninning.