Drawing mode request - Weight


I wish Glyphs could help more in regard to drawing bold variation, for example the extreme bold that which later will serve for being the master which let us interpolate in between.

Of course, making a bold font need a lot of manual work but tools could help in this.
Right Now you could try to work wirh Offset Path which is very difficult. RMX Tuner is not an option as it won’t work if you only have one weight and want to derive the bold one from it.

FontForge Change Weight give pretty good result. You need to tweak manually but it gives you a good start point.
But I suppose it will be really difficult to port it to Glyphs.

Maybe better would be to provide first something like FontLab Interpolate Nodes Interface. It’s very visual and help a lot to draw another weight based on a first one. It could be helpful for a lot of other task as well. I think this could be nicely implemented in Glyphs and will participate of all the easing power hided behind Glyphs.

What you think ? and which tricks did you use to derive a bolder (or thinner) weight from the first one master ?

Try the Nudge function: ctrl-opt-drag nodes. It does what Interpolate Nodes does, but is much easier to use. You can see it in the Drawing Paths short video.