Dream feature!

Sometimes when interpolating, there are only a small amount of glyphs that need manual special attention after interpolation.

A dream scenario in those cases would be to be able to work in two masters and only for some letters have a third master as an option.

The functionality would work like this: If there is a glyph on the third master, us it for interpolation in between the two masters. If not, only use the two masters.

Just wishing :slight_smile:

Did you check the change log of Glyphs 2?

I have not worked anything at all in 2.0 yet. Too critical work is ongoing so I’ll stick with 1.0 until there is a stable version 2.0.

So this works in 2.0?! Wow!

If you want to keep it in Glyphs 1, I suspect that you can also get this done with a Bracket trick or a separate glyph.

Yes. There’s a small amount of detail in:
http://www.glyphsapp.com/forums/index.php?action=vthread&forum=1&topic=2089&page=2#ms g10777

I read that but did not quite understand. I’ll try again tomorrow :slight_smile:

Thanks, if this works, it’s super cool!

Superpolator offers this feature of having an non-full master … but of course it is an entire another program

And, now, there’s a tutorial posted:
http://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/additional-masters-for-individual-glyphs-the-brace -trick

Is there any max limit in the number these intermediate masters?

Try it. :-)

I mean, it’s not 5 masters right?
BTW the max masters limit in G2 is still 5?

There never was a limit of 5 masters. Glyphs only could do two dimensions, Glyphs 2 can do three.

I meant for interpolation.
So we’re waiting for a tutorial on the 3D dimension, wuoaahh :smiley:

He also meant for interpolation. :slight_smile: it is just not as reflected in the GUI as one might expect.

Thanks for the tutorial, I needed it :slight_smile:

BTW, how safe is Glyphs 2.0 for generating fonts?

I mean, is it the same “engine” as Glyphs 1.0 and will generate same quality, or is there bugs that need to be addressed before retail fonts can be generated?

Hi all,

The new masters-situation here sounds great.

But I think I don’t really understand the (dimension-)system … :

I got a 9-Master Font (first build in G1). Like this:




… its a hard work to care of all this sheep :slight_smile:

I don’t want to generate the ‘middle’ instances (2,5,8 and 4,5,6),
because of the ‘stroke-thickness-problem’ in some glyphs, f.e. in the middle of ‘e’,
I want to have the full control over the glyphs.
So I don’t speculate on instances, but build all as ‘real’-fonts …

What does this mean in this ‘new’ system?
(is there a visual map like in the handbook of G1? :))
Are there now better ways, also for these axis?


The point of the brace layers is that you can define Master (and not Instances) specifically for one glyph. You don’t need middle masters for most glyphs, only the ones that have three strokes. So you only add those.

Instances is what you later get out of all your masters.

yes I know about instances and masters.
so I can delete all the ‘middles’ and just keep the ‘dangerous’ 3-or-more-storey-glyphs as “separated master”?!

I got this pic, just to be save before deleting the fonts :slight_smile:


Yes you can.

It depends what you did with the middle masters. If you adjusted the general contrast, you will need to keep the ‘Con Reg’ and ‘Exp Reg’. But if you just adjusted some glyphs (like the ‘e’ or ‘a’) then you only need the corners and do the adjustments with brace layers.