’DSIG’ table not exporting in Glyphs 3

’DSIG’ table not exporting in Glyphs 3, thus making debugging in Fontbakery troublesome.

Why is Fontbakery causing problems because of a missing DSIG? That thing is basically deprecated.

OT features may not work in Word on Windows if there is no (albeit empty) DSIG. But that only applies to TTFs.

And Glyphs is still exporting a DSIG table for TrueType fonts just as it always has.

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Well, I guess it is not a big problem. It is just a nuisance. Besides being ‘deprecated’, what made you decide to get rid of it from CFF flavored opentype?

It was never needed there. And I didn’t get rid of it, it was never implemented.

That is right. Word would accept a CFF .otf as an OpenType font by default. But not a .ttf, because it could also be an old-style TT font. That is why it looked for the presence of a DSIG table in .ttf fonts and used that as an indicator for it being an OpenType font. That is why an empty DSIG makes sense in a TTF, but is not needed in an OTF.

Make sense. Thanks.

If I understand correctly – Glyphs 2 exports the DSIG with CFF and TTF flavoured OpenType fonts, whereas Glyphs 3 only export it in TTF flavoured OpenType fonts.

No, Glyphs 2 should not add a DSIG table for CFF.

Weird, when I compare old exports from version 2 to new exports in version 3, the old ones have the DSIG table.

Exported with version 2.6.6 (1352)

Exported with version 3.0.2 (3058)

That was probably a mistake in Glyphs 2.

DSIG is not needed even by Word for sometime already.

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Thanks for the update on this, @khaled.

Yes, Word has been shaping up. If only the other MS teams would follow.