Duplicate a glyph and it's components

Is there a way to duplicate a glyph composed of components while also creating new components with the same orientation and setup?

Something like this…
s to s.001
spart to spart.001

For context, I sometimes set up complicated component structures for icons and it would be nice to have some way to iterate on those without having to set up the components from scratch every time.

I also realize I could do this by duplicating the master but if there’s a more “local” option I’d love to hear it.


A few thoughts:

  • If the components are auto-aligned, a recipe in Glyph > Add Glyphs may work as well, such as base.001+object1.001=combinedIcon.001.
  • If the parts are part of the default composition (like a and acutecomb for aacute, see Window > Glyph info), you can also rebuild the composite with a suffix. Parts with the same suffix will be preferred in composition. I take it this does not apply in this case unless you built your own Glyph Data,
  • If the parts are already duplicated, clicking on the component name in the grey info box will bring up a dialog where you can choose suffixed variants quickly.
  • On a greater scale, a Python script may help. Some are available in Script > mekkablue > Components.

The grey info box with suffixed variants is EXACTLY the kinda thing I was hoping to learn. Thank you for the list of options

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