Duplicated point when open Truetype font in GlyphsApp

When I open any truetype font in Glyphs, Glyphs automatically add extra point on the first node on every glyph. It doesn’t look right. There is no such issue when open CFF font in Glyphs.
I am using Version 2.6.3 (1270).

That is okay and nothing to worry about.

Thanks for the reply.
I don’t think it is ok. What is the reason to add extra point? It should be true to the original. If I have Chinese font with 28000 chars, there will be 28000 extra points in the font.
FontLab won’t add extra point when it opens the truetype font.
Attached is the screenshot to compare the GlyphsApp and FL result.

I have found the problem and I hope I can fix it.

Thanks Georg!

It looks like it happens in the recent release. My colleague tried on version 2.62 (1264), there is no problem.

It is to be expected that different algorithms will produce different results when reverse engineering a compiled binary. Why not work with the source?

Duplicate nodes can be gotten rid with Tidy Up Paths in a single step.

Why not work with the source?

Many source data developed in the past were in truetype format. In many cases we need to add some new chars to the existing truetype fonts.

Your workaround does not really work for us. Tidy Up Path will remove the duplicated point, unfortunately the point number has been shifted by one. See screenshot below. If the point numbers are different, our existing truetype hint will be messing up.

Of course, I have ways to have my project done. I still think this duplicated point issue needs to be fixed.